Stop working so much and start living your
life and Business
with Joy and Freeom

I'm Chas and I'm here to help you work less hours in your business so you can be free to do as you want, when you want.

Hi Sunshine☀️

I'm so glad you're here and you're ready to cut the shackles loose that hold you back from freedom and joy.

I believe we are put on this planet to achieve great things, experience all life has to offer, and to live who we were created to be. You were put here for a reason.

I believe business is a tool to create freedom in your life, if you choose. It can also consume your life, if you choose. You have the choice of how you want your business to go. It's all you.

My business is here to teach and coach you towards freedom and joy. Here's what I typically talk about...

⚡️Working 3 hours a day, or less. I love creating schedules

⚡️Shortening your to-do list, so you have less and more intentional things to do

⚡️Clearing and clarifying thoughts and feelings that run through your mind

⚡️Reducing anxiety, and living in the now

⚡️Business strategies that reflect for who you are

I live my life light as a feather, and it just feels so delightful. Business feels natural and easy. I love my life.

2 ways to work with me:

1. Book a Clarity Call to get clear on what you want your business and life to look like

2. Work 1:1 for all my love and support as you build your empire to bring you freedom and joy along the journey. DM on Instagram for info on that.

Can't wait to connect more with you.

Light and love,


Here's how you can work
3 Hours a day doing what you want, when you want.

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