Activate the powerful woman inside to ignite your next level business

All the exciting possibilities ahead for you:

👑Imagine, waking up to a notification that a new client paid you!

👑Imagine running a 6 figure business doing what you love, having time for naps, time to make dinner, time to sit at the park with your friend or kids not worrying about your business.

👑Imagine hiring a team member and feeling like you have a real business, not just a side-gig.

👑Imagine quitting your day job and having your partner quit his day job because your business is the sole provider for your family. You are financially independent.

👑Imagine having no credit card bills

This is what your business can do for you, if you believe it is possible.

I developed and teach START School to teach, mentor and coach you to creating a profitable business while working 3 hours a day!

  • S: Scalable Offer that is irresistible to your clients
  • T: Take actions that feel right for you, and no one else's cookie cutter approach
  • A: Align with your strengths and values, so making money and serving people in a way that FEELS good to you
  • R: Release Expectations and let's do a Manifestation 101 chit chat so you can relax more while watching your bank account increase
  • T: Time Management and Reverse Engineering your goals so you can manifest your desires by working 3 hours/day

Can't wait to meet you!


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