Receive the latest marketing tips & trends to increase your sales, every day!!!

Everyday (Mon-Friday) I will send you a latest marketing, social media, and content tips that will keep you up to date with the latest trends. Each Monday, I will also open up Voxer for a full day of hot seat coaching over Voxer. No videos, no set call times, just all in your back pocket.

Well, we do have a community call, the first Thursday of the month. This is your chance to learn from guest speakers on their social impact, plus time to network with other women who give a fuck about humanity AND business.

Networking and connections without having to leave your house and drive to attend an expensive breakfast luncheon.

This is a steal of a deal at $50/month, with a 12 month commitment period, or pre-pay for the year for only $450! 50% of the cost will be donated to the cause of choice by the monthly guest speaker.

The link below is in USD, if you'd like the Canadian dollars link, please email me at

Available prices: